Who’s your daddy update! We received the AKC DNA results and the answer is: All eight of Poppy’s puppies are sired by GCH Milas Walk This Way! (Tyler)

 Both GCH Milas Walk This Way, and Ch Avalar Midnight Rain are beautiful collies with much to offer. Regardless of who sired them,  Poppy’s puppies are very promising. We are hopeful that most of them will develop into the show dogs we envision.  Doing a dual sired litter has been a complicated and expensive endeavor that we probably won’t do again.  But we love these puppies!  Going through the AKC DNA results was like opening a long awaited Christmas gift! 

We love Judy Gorham’s handsome young tricolor male- Ch Avalar Midnight Rain. He is a young dog that we may breed to in the future. We are thrilled, however, to find out that the great producing Tyler (GCH Milas Walk This Way ) sired this litter from Poppy. When Poppy’s sister was bred to Tyler the litter produced the 2018 Collie Club of America winner’s dog and a champion sister. It appears from the litter’s he has produced so far that Tyler is another great sire for Milas Collies. Plus Tyler is a little older and living in New York. It’s hard to get our Texas girls to studs that far away. It is a full three day drive to the Milas Kennels from our house.

Since we want most of the puppies in this litter to be shown, none of them are currently available as pets. If something changes I will make an announcement on our Available page.

Poppy’s daughter, Maxi, (Ch Tairis Perchance To Dream At Scalloway- co-owned by Lea Bertsch- has been bred to Jax. Maxi mostly lives with Lea Bertsch near Austin, and Lea is hoping to have Maxi/Jax puppies in August. If Maxi takes, they will probably all be tri factored sables.

Here are some pix of Poppy’s pups– mostly at about 9 weeks of age. It has been hard to get pictures with all the late spring rain around here. The puppies don’t usually make it easy to take pictures. They tend to be either under my feet, or running around like Tasmanian devils.  I got most of these Poppy puppy pix at sundown when they were tired, but not yet asleep.  

Jimi 9.5 weeks   He is adorable.

Jimi 9.5 weeks


Janis 9.5 weeks  Janis is going to be a big girl like her mother, but she is pretty with lots of attitude and presence.

Janis showing some attitude


Carly 9.5 weeks

Carly 9 weeks with our daughter Caity.


Freddie 9.5 weeks

Freddie 9.5 weeks


Grace 9.5 weeks

Grace 9.5 weeks


Joni 9.5 weeks  Our sable headed white girl.

Joni 9.5 weeks


Mick 9.5 weeks

Mick 9.5 weeks


Stevie 9.5 weeks  Stevie, Carly, and Grace are all white and tri factored sable girls that look a lot alike. It’s hard to tell them apart on photos sometimes. .

Stevie 9.5 weeks  Jimi behind her.

I love the faces on these very playful puppies. For now I’m just waiting on the mail to see “Who’s their Daddy?”