Janis @13 weeks


Janis standing by our daughter Caity with Grace by them in the ex-pen.

I have had precious, loving collies for most of my life. I would not have traded their companionship for anything. I have also had some beautiful collies through the years. I’m grateful to the breeders that sold me lovely collies, and let me breed to some outstanding dogs. One of the things that most changed and improved the quality of my collies for show purposes was adding collies from the Milas family of collies.  They have a look– a style– that I love. They also happen to have other great things like wonderful temperament and good movement.  I am especially proud of this current liter from Poppy sired by the great Milas stud GCH Milas Walk This Way, aka Tyler. I think this may be the best litter I have ever had– at least it’s looking that way right now.  I love all their faces! I am hoping these puppies will put Poppy in the record book as an ROM- a register of merit producer of champions.  Time will tell. 

I was honored to have Lynn Butler of MIlas Collies come to visit us to pick her stud fee puppy. I was proud that Lynn wanted a puppy from our Poppy litter rather than a stud fee, and came all the way from NY to get one.  Lynn was high on all these puppies as I am, but she finally picked Carly to take back with her. Carly, Stevie and Grace are all white factored sable girls that look very much alike. I am keeping Grace myself. Our friend Judy Gorham took Stevie. I am co-owing Mick with Judy Gorham, and Jimi with Jeanie Driscol. It has been hard to let any of them go. 

After the dust settled from my fellow show friends visits, we do have one girl puppy available– and that is Janis. Janis is a very pretty girl, a big girl with a sound body a pretty face, and lots of presence. I will hold her until I find the right person that wants to love her but also wants to show her, or have her shown. Janis is a definite show prospect. I think she is a Poppy Jr.–maybe better than Poppy in some ways. 

Mick back left, Grace front left, Stevie mid right Joni back right, Carly front center. Chillin in the sun room.  One of the hardest things is keeping a bunch of puppies ears braced. They love to mess each others ears up. 


Joni- is staying here at Tairis. We will probably be co-owning her with Lea Bertsch of Scalloway Collies.


Mick with Lynn

Grace almost 13 weeks. She is staying at Tairis.


Thanks very much to GCH Milas Walk this Way (Tyler), for contributing his concentrated Milas genes to these puppies. Thanks Lynn and Lotta for making it possible! 


Tyler – aka GCH Milas Walk This Way.   Photo by Lynn Butler at home at Milas


Pedigree-for-Poppy bred to Milas Walk This Way

Click on the link to view the pedigree.