Carly at Sunnybank


  Every summer for 23 years there has been a gathering of collie folks and puppies in Wayne, NJ at Sunnybank- the former home of Albert Payson Terhune, his wife and their collies. Terhune wrote many heartwarming collie books inspired by his own collies such as Lad, Bruce and Wolf. Terhune is responsible for people

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The Milas Touch


  I have had precious, loving collies for most of my life. I would not have traded their companionship for anything. I have also had some beautiful collies through the years. I’m grateful to the breeders that sold me lovely collies, and let me breed to some outstanding dogs. One of the things that most

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Who’s your Daddy? Update: I know! I know!


Who’s your daddy update! We received the AKC DNA results and the answer is: All eight of Poppy’s puppies are sired by GCH Milas Walk This Way! (Tyler)  Both GCH Milas Walk This Way, and Ch Avalar Midnight Rain are beautiful collies with much to offer. Regardless of who sired them,  Poppy’s puppies are very

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