Our Layla/ Patton puppies are among the sweetest puppies we’ve ever had. Otis, Spike, Lucky, Lefty, and Muddy are now in new homes. We hope to see Muddy get to go to some shows when he grows up, and possibly contribute to our breeding program in the future. We will be keeping up with our Layla/Patton puppies to see how these pretty puppies turn out when they become adults.

It is always kind of sad to see the puppies we have nurtured since birth leave, but this season of having two litters and a very sick husband has been quite a challenge at times. I feel sure the families that adopted Layla’s puppies will give them wonderful lives.

Here are some pictures of the Layla and Patton pups along the way. Most of these pictures were taken when they were about 8 to 8 and a half weeks old. 

Spike- such a sweet, pretty boy!


Muddy with Caity

Otis 8 weeks


Lucky 8 weeks with Cam


Lefty 8 weeks


We will miss our little Traveling Willbury’s Gang!