Both Poppy’s and Layla’s puppies are doing great. All the babies are little butterballs, growing so fast. They change a little every day. They are almost four weeks old now and the weaning process has begun. They took to lapping their puppy formula /slop from a pan like little piggies. How much do they eat? All of it! 

Layla’s puppies have moved to our dining room ex-pen from the plastic pool in the spare bedroom because they could all climb out of the pool with ease.  Poppy’s puppies are starting to climb out of the box in our bedroom, so they will be joining Layla’s puppies in the dining room later today. How can I tell the puppies apart?  Mother Nature made that easy for us thank God. All five of Layla’s puppies are dark, tri-factored sable BOYS. Only one of Layla’s boys looks possibly white factored. Poppy has NO DARK SABLE BOYS.  Poppy’s boys are: a sable headed white, and two light sable boys with big white factoring. Poppy does have some darker sable pups but they are all girls.

Early on, I took one of Poppy’s girls and put her with Layla to even out the milk demands. Poppy’s girl I call Grace was happy and completely accepted by Layla and her puppies. Poppy didn’t figure out I made the switch. I guess she could only count to seven.

I already love the faces and body types of these sweet babies. It will be hard for me not to keep them all, but I can’t. Layla’s puppies are scheduled for eye checks May 30th, so some of her puppies will be available by May 31st- June 2, 2019. A couple of Layla’s boys are not yet spoken for. 

Poppy’s pups’ eye checks are scheduled for June 3, 2019. We are also waiting on the DNA results on Poppy’s puppies because she was bred to two different champion males. I hope some of Poppy’s puppies will get to go to their new owners about June 8th, 2019. 

Poppy’s puppies are easy to tell apart because of the white puppies, and the big white markings on all her other babies except one. The one Poppy puppy that does not look white factored is a darling sable girl we call Janis Joplin.  We are using call names of rock stars for the puppies. We named Poppy’s brown girl Janis Joplin because almost from day one if the nipple she was using ran out of milk, she would scream her head off. Thank goodness she quit doing that! Both Poppy and Layla have had a great milk supply and all the babies have been able to stay satisfied.

Poppy’s puppies’ call names are:

1) Mick Jagger- Light sable boy very white factored with brown to his left ankle.

2) Freddie Mercury- Light sable boy , white factored with a white splash on his right hip.

3) Jimi Hendrix- Sable headed white boy.

4) Janis Joplin- Big non- white factored sable girl.

5) Stevie Nicks- Medium dark sable girl very white factored.

6) Carly Simon- Medium dark sable girl very white factored – big shawl collar with a white swirl on right shoulder.

7) Joni Mitchell- Sable headed white girl.

8) Grace Slick- Smaller dark sable girl, white factored, small white streak up from her nose.


Layla’s five boys are named using the nick names of the super group- The Traveling Willburys. I still have a little trouble telling all Layla’s puppies apart- especially on pictures. All dark sable boys, with only one that looks like he may be white factored. These are some beautiful boys though.

Layla’s babies’ call names are: Spike, Otis, Lefty, Muddy, and Lucky.  I may call the one I keep Tweeter, but I don’t know which one that will be yet. Also I keep changing which Layla pup gets which name. I should have it down soon.

Otis- is the biggest boy with a brown left front leg.

Muddy- has brown on his front legs to his elbows.

Lefty – his white collar is  broken on the left side with a brown swirl.

Lucky- the the pup with bigger white markings- possibly white factored

Spike- is a brown boy with a narrow white collar.

Here are some pix of the pups at 3 weeks. they have alrady gotten bigger and fuzzier since i took these.


Otis Left , Grace right


Some of Layla’s boys



Here are Poppy’s pups at 3 weeks.

Janis with our daughter Caity

Joni and Mick






I have the pedigrees typed up for all the puppies and will be posting them too. I love these pedigrees and can’t wait to see how these puppies turn out.