Our sweet girls, Grace and Joni have delivered their puppies, and they both had more than the vet predicted. I’m sorry for delays on answering emails and missing phone calls. These girls and their babies are keeping me hopping!

On December 5, 2020, Grace had her puppies. She did great and is a wonderful mother. This is the breakdown of her litter. Obviously, Grace did not follow the expected statistics on sex and color.

Grace: 3 girls, and 5 boys.
1 sable girl- calling her Anna

1 tri headed white girl- calling her Elsa

1 tri girl  with a semi checkerboard pattern on her back- calling her Checkers

Still working on names
1 sable boy

2 white boys with sable heads

1 white boy with a tri head- calling him Olaf

1 tri boy

Graces’s 8 puppies sired by Jax
The last pup born in Grace’s litter was this oddly marked tricolor girl. Since it looks like she has a checkerboard on her back- her name is Checkers.

christmas holly clipart

Joni had her puppies on December 7, 2020, two days after Grace. Joni ended up having 8 puppies also- 6 girls and 2 boys. It took Joni a little longer and a couple of her puppies had close calls.

Joni had :

2 tri girls

3 sable girls – very white factored

1 tri headed white girl

1 tri boy

1 sable headed white boy

The second puppy born was a chunky tri headed white girl. She felt strong but she was bleeding from her umbilical cord- a lot. I took her away from Joni and tried to pinch the umbilical cord shut with hemostats. I held her awhile until the bleeding stopped. Soon Joni was having another pup and I was helping with that one. As I looked at the next puppy, Joni went back to the white girl that had been bleeding and started licking – which is usual. When I glanced at the pup Joni was cleaning, I saw the blood gushing out of her again! Way too much blood. I clamped the cord shut again, put superglue on the cord to seal it, and kept her away from Joni. The puppies feet pads had changed from pink to a sickly blue grey. She was also having difficulty breathing. The puppy had lost too much blood and I didn’t think she could possibly live. I prayed that God would please take her quickly, or make her some more blood- because she had lost too much blood to survive. In the course of a few minutes, I watched a doomed puppy’s feet change from a ghostly blue gray back to pink. Her breathing slowly returned to normal. God gave that puppy back. No one could convince me that He had not answered my prayers, and I’m very grateful.

Another of Joni’s puppies came out struggling to breathe. I could hear fluid rattling in his chest. He must have aspirated some fluid. I used the head down, accordion technique on him to get the fluid and mucus out of his lungs. It worked. He sounded good. He is still with us, apparently doing okay.

Here are some pix of Joni’s puppies. I will be doing individual pix as soon as I can. I don’t have all of them in my head yet and still need to name them. I guess I’ll be doing that in my spare time.

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Joni’s 8 puppies by Jax

View of Joni/ Jax puppies 12/08/2020

More pictures will follow of course. It’s hard to get good pix of new babies.