While I was still moping around about Willa and Poppy missing, a bouncy, tail wagging tri girl got in my face demanding attention. Although she is not the biggest of the bunch, Leena is quite capable of getting her point across. Leena barked and ran and jumped and played like a puppy. Leena was in season, and I had to decide what to do about it.

Leena, aka Ch Alcor N Cherann’s Entwined

Leena is a pretty blend of Susan Joslin’s Alcor Collies and Cheryl Kubularcik’s Cherann’s Collies’ breeding programs. Her sire is a champion son of Ch Windhaven Stranger In Paradise – the Brazilian import that was the premier stud at Milas Collies for a decade. Together, and separately, Cheryl and Susan have spent decades breeding beautiful champion collies with excellent health. I wanted to incorporate some of the fine qualities they have attained into my collie family. So I decided I would definitely breed Leena in hopes of getting some puppies with the desirable qualities seen in Alcor and Cherann’s collies.

The pressing question was who should I select for her stud? I had already considered different males before Leena came in season. I co-own some very pretty collie boys right here in Texas, but I wanted certain things in a mate for Leena. I try to cross fault in the breedings I plan, and not double up on any faults. Since there are no perfect dogs, I just try to select a dog and a family that is strong where my girl needs a boost. I also want my girl strong where the stud may be lacking. I still have lots to learn, but I have been studying collies long enough to have some idea of what different collie families bring to the table— not only the obvious things presented for public display, but some of the things only whispered about.

I am still awestruck by all the gorgeous, happy collies at Milas kennels in New York. One of the Milas boys that immediately caught my eye when I got to visit Milas Collies was one they call Charlie- otherwise known as Ch Milas Absolute Macho. Charlie is a big boy with beautiful curves, a big coat, and a handsome face. He finished easily with a best in sweepstakes specialty win, and group placements as a puppy. Charlie made two cuts at the CCA national show as a young champion. Although Charlie is not yet four years old, he has already sired some spectacular, major pointed puppies. I’m sure some of them would have their championships by now if COVID hadn’t forced dog shows to cease last March. I was really taken with Charlie’s yearling son, Harley- a stand out who had some great wins during his brief time shown as a puppy this past winter. I looked into breeding Leena to Harley, but he was not quite mature enough for stud work yet. It seems to take a lot of young collie males awhile to get their act together for breeding. I asked about using Charlie for Leena, and that was a go! Now Leena has been bred to Charlie, and we will hope for a beautiful litter to be born around Sept 23, 2020. Charlie is pure for the dominant sable gene, so if she takes, Leena will have a litter of all tri factored sables. Wish us luck!

Charlie, aka Ch Milas Absolute Macho

I will post the combined Leena/ Charlie pedigree when I get it typed. For more information you can email me at tairiscollies@yahoo.com