That was fast! It has been a challenge caring for 15 puppies- 8 in the Leena/ Jagger litter, and 7 in the Amber / Jax litter, but Leena and Amber were both great mothers and their puppies have been healthy from day one, thank God!

I have taken pictures of them all along but have had trouble finding time to get them posted. I am very pleased with the beauty and soundness of both litters. After the good eye checks, all of Leena’s puppies are now in their permanent homes. Susan debated between Silver Bells and Christmas Carol for quite a while before deciding to take Carol home as her show prospect. I am hoping at least three of Leena’s babies will end up being shown. I think they will be pretty enough that they deserve to be seen. So far it seems that Mr. Jagger was a great match for Leena. Thanks to Alma Metz for breeding Leena to her handsome boy Jagger (Scarborough’s Jagged Edge.) The Scarborough family is a lovely line of collies.

Here are some pictures of Leena’s babies at 7 to 8 & 1/2 weeks old.

Christmas Carol

Silver Bells


Burl Ives
Jingles in front

Jolly in front (Luka in back)


Carol left, Burl right

I already miss the puppies that have left. I couldn’t let them go except I know they have gone to wonderful homes.