I have bred my sweet girl Grace (Ch Tairis Love Walked In), to Caleb- aka Ch Aurealis Constellation -a beautiful, specialty and CCA class winner at Aurealis Collies in Washington state. Long distance breedings are always a bit of a gamble, and collie fertility is not all that reliable these days. But we did everything we could to make this special breeding successful. Caleb and Grace are a promising combination of top collie families by pedigree and phenotype. The potential puppies should be outstanding.

I will be getting an ultrasound on Grace soon to check for pregnancy. I’m praying that if it is God’s will, Grace will have an easy whelping of healthy puppies.

Here is a picture of Caleb from the Aurealis website. He excels in details I want for Grace.

Caleb- Ch Aurealis Constellation

Here is a picture of Grace.

Grace, aka Ch Tairis Love Walked In
Grace winning another major in Louisiana.

If Grace is pregnant, we will be expecting puppies about September 18, 2023. As Grace is a white factored, tri factored sable, and Caleb is a white factored blue merle, their puppies could be every possible normal collie color- Sable, sable merle, tricolor, blue merle or white with heads any of those colors. I love collies in every color. I just hope for beautiful, sweet, healthy babies.

UPDATE: Grace’s ultrasound showed only two puppies- possibly three. I will get an x-ray on September 16th to verify.


I have also bred my girl, Willa (GCh Tairis Sweet Dreams Are Made of This) to Lucas (Ch Milas Tairis Commander’s Stardancer.) Willa is a daughter of GCHP Scalloway’s Lion Hunter, who was the number one rated collie in all breed competition in 2018 and 2019. Willa’s mother is my adorable Poppy (Ch Tairis A League of Her Own.) Poppy has produced 5 champions, including two specialty winners and group placers.

Lucas is sired by Ch Milas Walk The Line ROM, a former CCA winner’s dog, out of the beautiful Ch Milas Ballroom Elegance.

If Willa takes, she would also be due about September 18th- 19th. I will be getting an ultrasound on Willa soon also. If Willa has puppies by Lucas, all the puppies should be sables, or she could also have a sable headed white puppy.

Willa – GCH Tairis Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
Willa- strutting her stuff at her first show.
Willa- Best of Breed at the Austin Collie Club- her first show.

Lucas- Ch Milas Tairis Commander’s Stardancer – our pretty boy purchased from Milas Collies. He is owned by Tairis and Commander Collies.
Lucas getting his championship shown by his co-owner Margie Blount.

We think Willa and Lucas as well as Grace and Caleb could make some awesome puppies. I should know by August 19th, 2023 if Grace and Willa are pregnant.

UPDATE: It appears that Willa missed this season. The vet saw no puppies on her ultrasound.


I have one more girl that may come in season soon– Grace’s sable daughter Annie. It is possible that we may be breeding her before long.

I have no other breeding plans until Miss Bee comes in season this winter– probably about February 2024.

If you want to contact me, please email me at tairiscollies@yahoo.com. I am not getting emails or comments forwarded from this website.