The good news from the ultrasounds is that Poppy is expecting puppies sired by the handsome GCH Southland Aurealis Island Nights. Poppy has never had a litter of less than 8 puppies, but this litter may be smaller than the previous ones. Poppy has been a great mother, and we are anxious to see puppies from this exciting combination. All of the puppies from this breeding will be tri factored sable and white babies.

Ch Tairis A League of her Own – Poppy at the Austin show with my friend Lea Bertsch. More Poppy puppies are on the way sired by GCH Southland Aurealis Island Nights.

GCH Southland Aurealis Island Nights (Kasen)
Kasen- GCH Southland Aurealis Island Nights residing in Washington state at Aurealis Collies. Kasen is a group and specialty winner and already the sire of multiple champions.

I will be posting a pedigree of puppies from the combination of Poppy and Kasen as soon as I have a chance to get it typed.


The bad news was that no puppies were seen on Willa’s ultrasound. This was very disappointing. Willa is probably the best show collie I have bred and kept for myself. Her flowing movement is a joy to watch. She is also a sweet, loving girl. I hope she will have puppies next time. Willa is three years old and only comes in season about once a year. It would be sad if she never gets to pass on her genes to another generation. I will be talking to our reproduction vet to hopefully correct anything interfering with her having puppies for next time. I thought Willa and Debbie Ferguson’s boy Hoss would have made excellent puppies. Willa got a honeymoon in Illinois but no baby shower.

Willa- GCH Tairis Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This- winning Best of Breed at the Collie Club of Austin at her very first show.


The good side of this is that I won’t be going crazy taking care of two puppy mammas and a big herd of puppies. Poppy and her babies will get lots of attention. Poppy will love that!