A few new pictures added!

I have been crazy busy taking care of Mercedes four puppies and Halo’s four puppies plus going to a few dog shows! The puppies have grown like weeds since I posted last.

Mercedes’ pups are now nine weeks old! They are beautiful puppies showing the promise of their great pedigree. Their sire, Lucas, Ch Milas Tairis Commander’s Stardancer, has a pedigree of solid Milas champions. Mercedes is a daughter of the illustrious CCA winner GCHG Southland’s Aurealis Island Nights ROM, out of a beautiful grand champion Clarion bitch. All four of Mercedes puppies are tentatively spoken for pending eye checks scheduled for February 9, 2024.

All of the Halo/ Lucas puppies are now spoken for. Because of the testing done on the parents we know that all the pups in this litter are free of PRA and DM, and lowest risk of DMS. All are Normal/ Mutant on MDR1. And all of the eye checks done by Dr Robert Munger were very good- showing only a small amount of CRH. Both Mercedes and Halo’s puppies are looking very pretty.

Aston at 8 weeks
Aston in center 9 weeks

Dustin 8 weeks
Dustin 8 and a half weeks

Dustin- now called Odin about 11 weeks. Photo by Sandra Hamilton

Morgan 8 weeks
Morgan 9 weeks

Parker 8 weeks
Parker 9 weeks
Parker from the rear 9 weeks
Parker- 13 weeks old.


And joining the puppy party 11 days after Mercedes puppies were born were Lucas and Halo’s four puppies. They are also cute babies and very sweet.

This is Ariel at 5.5 weeks.

Ariel is Halo’s only girl, and smallest pup. She has been a favorite from the beginning and has been spoken for from birth.

Ariel at 6 weeks
Ariel center. 7 weeks old.
Bene 6 weeks
Bene 7 weeks

Gabe (Gabriel) 6 weeks
Gabe on right 7 weeks

Gabe is going to be a BIG boy.

Ralph on left, Gabe front center, Dustin back right. Sweet boys!

Ralph 6 weeks
Ralph 7 weeks.

Update: Ralph at 11 weeks.

Bene– now called Goose at 11 weeks.

Gabe at 11 weeks

I’m impressed with the puppies Lucas has sired!